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                                  How Do General Finishes Water Based Topcoats Differ?

                                  GF?recommends using the least expensive product that will provide the needed performance characteristics. We offer a range of products designed for professional spray applications and brush-on finishes for consumer use.

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                                  PROFESSIONAL TOPCOATS

                                  PRE CAT LACQUER (Spray only)

                                  GF recommends our recently improved Pre Cat Lacquer for applications where there is little risk of chemical contamination issues from substances such as ketchup, soap, chemical cleaners, or ammonia. This is the perfect spray finish for interior doors, casing, moldings, door jambs and furniture that receives light use. When you think about it, interior doors don't take a lot of wear. You might wipe them down or dust them once in a while but that is about it. PreCat Lacquer is a hard finish that provides excellent build and superior clarity at a phenomenal price point. If you are not finishing a surface such as a table top where you anticipate chemical contamination during use, why pay for a more expensive finish?

                                  Dries clear.

                                  Watch Pre Cat Lacquer Product Overview Video Here

                                  CLEAR POLY (Spray only)

                                  Poly is the go-to cabinet finish. It has all the durability you need at a lower price point than Conversion Varnish. It is similar to High Performance in test measurements for chemical, water and wear resistance, but HP can be brushed and Clear Poly can't - it is already thinned for spraying. Clear Poly has a bit of an edge over High Performance in overall chemical resistance, a 98 rating vs 92.

                                  Dries clear.

                                  Watch Clear Poly product overview video here

                                  CONVERSION VARNISH (Spray only)

                                  This is our top of the line. Conversion Varnish is a post catalyzed high solids, two component urethane formulated for professionals who need the highest level of durability and chemical resistance. Varnish will cure the fastest. Requires NCO Catalyst. It is recommended for commercial applications or extremely high-wear surfaces such as?countertops and bar tops

                                  Dries clear.

                                  Watch Conversion Varnish Product Overview Video Here

                                  RETAIL TOPCOATS

                                  HIGH PERFORMANCE (Brush or Spray)

                                  GF's best performing brush on finish with very similar performance testing as our Poly. (High Performance can be thinned for spraying).

                                  Dries clear.

                                  Watch High Performance Product Overview Video Here

                                  FLAT OUT FLAT (Brush or Spray)

                                  Flat Out Flat is formulated with a self cross-linking acrylic, and is designed to mimic the look and feel of a wax finish. Because of the increased matting agents used to create the "Flat look", this finish will have less clarity. ?Like wax, it dries softer to the touch than High Performance when completely cured, and will show more fingerprints. FOF finish will mark up more easily because of increased matting agents used to reduce the sheen, so it is not recommended for high-use tabletops.

                                  Dries clear.

                                  Watch Flat Out Flat Product Overview Video Here

                                  BOTH PROFESSIONAL AND RETAIL TOPCOATS

                                  ENDURO-VAR (Spray or brush)

                                  Enduro-Var is an oil modified water-based alternative for customers that want the warm look of an oil finish in a water based coating.?It looks more like an oil finish than a water coating, and can be sprayed or brushed. Enduro-Var adheres well ONLY over WATER STAINS, DYE STAINS, and RAW WOOD. Use over other finishes at your own risk.

                                  Dries Amber

                                  Watch Enduro-Var Product Overview Video Here

                                  EXTERIOR 45O TOPCOAT

                                  Exterior 450 provides a clear drying tough, protective finish that will withstand the rigors of the sun, rain, and wind. It is suitable for vertical surfaces such as fences, patio furniture, garage doors, entrance doors, outdoor kitchens and interior windows. It is not recommended as a deck finish. Fortified with UV absorbers to stabilize the finish, Exterior 450's built-in mildewcide retards mold and mildew growth.

                                  Dries Clear

                                  Watch Exterior 450 Topcoat Overview Video Here





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